Solar for Humanity: Nonprofit Solar Partnerships with Habitat for Humanity

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Chan, Gabriel, Jordan Morgan, and Ryan Streitz. February 2019. Solar for Humanity: Nonprofit Solar Partnerships with Habitat for Humanity. Report of the Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy, University of Minnesota.


As solar energy has become increasingly affordable due to technological change and public policy, possibilities for individuals to benefit from participating in solar deployment are growing. Yet these opportunities are not equitably accessible to all. Low-income households in particular face barriers to participating in solar programs due to financing requirements arising from capital constraints and the high up-front costs of solar. These barriers are layered on top of an energy system that already places a disproportionate burden on low-income households. In this context, new initiatives have been developed to target solar deployment to low-income households to reduce energy expenditures and increase long-term wellbeing and resilience. In this report, we focus on one such possible initiative, the integration of solar deployment by a nonprofit solar organization (NPS) with affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity (HFH).


solar integration, solar finance, Habitat for Humanity, LMI solar


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