Elizabeth Arnold

graduate research assistant

Elizabeth was a master’s student in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP) studying community solar. Trained as a linguist and an electrician, she appreciates being in an interdisciplinary program. She is interested in how we bolster economic and environmental resiliency in our country and around the world. Who will benefit from and have access to distributed renewable energy? At the intersection of technology and policy we explore and contribute to a future that improves quality of life while considering our impacts on the systems that sustain life.

For fun she enjoys political organizing, and has led successful voter registration initiatives and voter turnout campaigns in battleground states during every presidential election from 2004 to present. Three years ago she founded an environmental group in he hometown of Philadelphia. She loves to travel and learn new languages, and has been to over 30 countries and 40 states. She lived abroad for two years in China, one year in Venezuela, and worked for six months in Central America. She also loves being outside, whether on pavement, ice, rock, sand, or soil.

She is also affiliated with the Sustainable Healthy Cities Research Network.

Lab Publications

Community Shared Solar in Minnesota: Learning from the First 300 Megawatts (Report) (Issue Brief)

Broadening Access to Solar Energy: Community Shared Solar Programs in the U.S. (Issue Brief)


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