New Study on Tariffed On-Bill Financing Feasibility

A report was released by the consulting group Cadmus titled “Tariffed On-Bill Financing Feasibility: Assessment of Innovative Financing Structures for Minnesota.” The report was prepared for the Energy Transition Lab at the University of Minnesota and Gabe served on the advisory committee for the report. Read the report here:


Community Solar Power Summit

Gabe, Matt Grimley, and Nick Stumo-Langer attended the Community Solar Power Summit hosted by the Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA) and powered by the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) in Philadelphia, PA. Gabe presented at the 2nd day opening session on Achieving Community Solar at Scale and moderated a session on Market Roundup: The Early Birds - Colorado and Minnesota.

Energy and Society in Transition

Gabe Chan and Lab collaborator Gilbert Michaud presented at Energy and Society in Transition, the 2nd International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science in Tempe, AZ. Gabe and Gilbert presented on their paper with Jacob Herbers, Public participation in green pricing: Motivating cooperative utility members.”


Testimony at the Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate

Gabe Chan provided testimony on the ratepayer impact of Minnesota’s community solar program, focusing on the ratepayer impact of the program.

Gabe provided testimony in the Minnesota House of Representatives in regard to bill HR 2625, invited by Rep. Long (DFL-61B) and in the Minnesota Senate in regard to bill S.F. 1891, invited by Sen. Senjem (R-25). Audio of Gabe’s testimony in the House is available here (beginning at 1:42), and audio of Gabe’s testimony in the Senate is available here (beginning at 0:58). Written testimony for the bills is available at:

Dialogue on Distributed Energy Resources with Co-ops and Munis

The Chan Lab, the Clean Energy Resource Teams, the Great Plains Institute, and the Energy Transition Lab hosted over 35 leaders of municipal and cooperative utilities in Minnesota to engage in a dialogue on distributed energy resources, following the release of the Lab’s report, “Barriers and Opportunities for Distributed Energy Resources in Minnesota’s Municipal Utilities and Electric Cooperatives.”