Matt Grimley

Research Fellow

Matt Grimley is a current Research Fellow and graduate of the M.S. in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy program. With an English degree and biology minor from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, he has worked in his past lives as an educator, environmental journalist, freelancer, and energy policy researcher. In school, he's working on GIS, ecology, and environmental policy. Currently in research, he focuses on community solar programs deployed by cooperative and municipal utilities, as well as those utilities' attitudes and responses toward distributed energy. When he's not neck-deep in figuring out financial models of those systems, he likes to sit underneath a tree and read a book or two and then go for a walk and look for birds and neat plants.

Lab Publications

Methods for Calculating Avoided Distribution Costs in the Value of Solar (Docket No. M-13-867). (Public Comment)

“Barriers and Opportunities for Distributed Energy Resources in Minnesota’s Municipal Utilities and Electric Cooperatives” (Report)

“After Xcel Energy’s zero-carbon pledge, let’s make sure the public benefits” MinnPost (op-ed)

Reply Comment on Value of Solar 2019 Vintage (Docket No. M-13-867). (Public Comment)

Comment on Value of Solar 2019 Vintage (Docket No. M-13-867). (Public Comment)

Sharing the Same Sun: Analyzing Low-to-Moderate Income Solar Subscriptions for Cooperative Energy Futures (Report)

Comment on Value of Solar Residential Adders (Docket No. M-13-867). (Public Comment)

Community Shared Solar in Minnesota: Learning from the First 300 Megawatts (Report) (Issue Brief)

Broadening Access to Solar Energy: Community Shared Solar Programs in the U.S. (Issue Brief)

“Design choices and Equity Implications of Community Shared Solar.” The Electricity Journal. (Journal Article)


UMN researchers explore access to sustainable energy around Minnesota.” Minnesota Daily. (February 7, 2019)